International Missions


Part of our challenge is reaching out to care for those in need. A group at Trinity has been called to reach out for those in need; this coming year through a Dominican Republic Mission, which is in the works for 2020. In 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017,  groups from Trinity Lively went to Nicaragua to love and serve others by building necessary structures and providing for that community.

Coffee Ministry


It's not unusual to find several Trinity folks set up close by the old Salvation Army building in downtown Sudbury. Several small tables are set with a Cambro of Hot Coffee (or cold beverages on a hot day), often accompanied with a sweet treat - and always with smiles and conversation to anyone who wants to chat. The coffee ministry - an important way Trinity lives our being the "Church in the world".

Out Of The Cold


 We are privileged to host 4

dinners per year during the fall / winter season to provide a pleasant,

safe and secure atmosphere for the

tenants of St. Andrews, the Out of the

Cold guests, and volunteers in the


Birthday Party in the Park


The sixth annual birthday party in Memorial Park was a success again this year with more than 350 hot dogs given away, along with cupcakes, freezies, watermelon, pop and water. St. Andrew’s donated money and let us use their tables. Thank you to all the amazing volunteers. It could not be done without you.