Our Different Youth Groups

Sunday School


Trinity generally offers Sunday School year round.  Once children have shared in Worship for a portion of the sanctuary service, enlightening and fun Ministry continues in the Children’s Nook.

Junior Youth


We join together for some fun

nights of bowling, board games, sliding,

and much more. Many Junior youth come

out Wednesday nights in the summer to Anderson Farm for Rock the Farm, we set up tents and tables, and sell monster cookies to raise funds for various events.

Senior Youth


For high schooler’s, the Senior Youth at Trinity have carved out a soft spot in their hearts. Of all of what the Youth have experienced this year, it’s not difficult to witness that something really great is going on here. 

Trinity Kids Club


This past year our Kids Club took up the challenge of a brand new musical, Straight Outta Bethlehem. It tells the Christmas story through the eyes of a

group of orphan children living in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus's birth.

Trinity Kids Camp


Trinity continues to be a church that is engaged with the community and we are a trusted place for children to come for excellent programming. Many of the children who attend are from the community and now attend every year, we as a church are slowing building relationships with these families.