A brief history of Trinity- written by Julie Gagnon in the late 1990's

Prior to 1950, Lively's families attended services at Creighton Mine, or in Copper Cliff. 

In early 1951, the Rev. Gordon Geiger of the Creighton Mine-Lockerby-Minnow Lake pastoral charge visited the growing community of Lively with an invitation to join in worship with members of Trinity United Church In Creighton Min.

As more homes were built in Lively, the necessity for a separate church organization in Lively was obvious. TO further that end, the first meeting of a United Church congregation in Lively was held on September 23rd, 1951 with the Rev. G. Geiger presiding.  A Women's Association was formed 4 days later with Mrs. K. Pollock as President.  Worship services after that date were held weekly in the homes of interested families. 

In Nov. 1951, the Rev. J. A. D McKennitt, Home Missions Governor of the Sudbury Presbytery, attended a meeting to inform the congregation that a Basement church would be built in Lively under the direction of the Board of Home Missions.  A committee was at once formed to secure finances and purchase furniture for the  proposed Basement Church.  That building is not Angel's Pizza Shop (also formerly Skippy's and McCarthur's, an apartment is now being built on that site.  ed. 2019)

On March 2, 1952, Rev. Gordon Geiger conducted the first service, assisted by Re J. A O. McKennitt, and Rev. R.B. Craig, chairman of Sudbury presbytery, with Dr. J. Lyttle, superintendent of Home Missions for Ontario as guest preacher.

Church organization were soon established.  A committee of Stewards was elected in March, as was the Sunday Church School.  In May 1952 3 Trustees were appointed.  In Oct. 1953, 4 Session members were elected, and the Choir was formed. Also the name Trinity United Church was chosen.

The Rev. Lawrence Purdy has become minister of the new Creighton-Lively Pastoral Charge.

By 1954, due to the growth of the congregation, facilities for church services and Church School classes were no longer adequate.  Plans for expansion began, and in March a Wells directed canvass was conducted, with Rev. R. A. Elliot as general chairman.   Mr. A L. Gagnon as vice-chairman, and Mr Charles Lively as canvass committee chairman.

The Building Fund Committee with Dr. C. R.  Cupp as chairman, and a Building Committee under Dr. D. McKinty were formed.

Plans to expand the first building were decided to be impractical, as the present site was obtained, and the first building was sold to the Lutheran Church, with Trinity leasing accommodations from the new owners. 

The Rev. Murray Masecar had accepted a call to the charge in July of 1954.

He conducted the sod-turning service of the new site on May 15, 1955, assisted by the Rev. N. Hillyer, and guest preacher Rev. A.T. Kennard.  Mrs. C. Lyons and Mr. A.L. Gagnon turned the first sod. 

The Rev. Murray Masecar again conducted the service at the dedication of the new Basement Church on Feb. 5, 1956, assisted by Rev. A. Evans and with Rev. L. Purdy as guest preacher. 

The Rev. John Evans accepted a call to the charge in 1957. Under his guidance, a short term Building fund drive was undertaken in April 1958 with Mr. H. R. Butler as chairman.  (to be continued)...