Kids Club

This past year our Kids Club took up the challenge of a brand new musical, Straight Outta Bethlehem. It tells the Christmas story through the eyes of a group of orphan children living in Bethlehem at the time of the Census. Living and working at the same Inn that provided a stable for the birth of Jesus, they had a firsthand view of the Christmas story.

Along with a barnyard of singing animals, great disco themed music and jazzy numbers we were treated, in our seventh year, to the seven year itch. We saw it in the form of a lively group of 22 youngsters who couldn’t and wouldn’t stay still. They loved to dance. Just as well, as the samba and a kick-line were called for. It was also amazing how quickly they picked up the signing for their song, What Can I Give. Special thanks to Gillian McIntyre for her signing talents. 

As in prior years we started in September, meeting weekly. There was fun and games to start each night (thanks, Diane Tait for your games leadership) and then it was down to work. They worked, and played, hard and did a great job sharing their talents with the community. We started at the Christmas Choir presentation in Copper Cliff, followed up with a performance for the Friendship Centre at the Kinsmen Hall. Then it was on to Meadowbrook and two performances at Trinity, both during a church service and an evening performance for our finale. Thanks to everyone who supported our kids, attending one or many of their performances. Special thanks also to our weekly help from Sue LeBlanc, Lynne Bruce and Mike Chorkawy as well as to Ann Roy who helped with our registrations. Without their support Rev. Kathy would not have been able to focus on teaching the songs and choreography and I could not have focused on making the costumes and teaching the cast their lines and staging with Sue LeBlanc.